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5 Surprising Marketing Trends for 2013

9:20:58AM 25/06/2013
It feels like every January we see list after list of business forecasts for the year to come. More often than not these lists feel a bit repetitive and not all that inspiring. Well – and not to give 2013 an overblown ego Xem Chi Tiết →

Prosecutor blasts Google over drug ads

9:24:22AM 25/06/2013
Mississippi's top prosecutor Wednesday threatened to subpoena the search giant Google over what he called its failure to crack down on ads touting unlawful sales of prescription drugs and pirated entertainment. Xem Chi Tiết →

Facebook bug exposes some contact information

9:27:06AM 25/06/2013
A newly discovered Facebook bug may have inadvertently compromised the contact information of 6 million users, the company says. Xem Chi Tiết →

Scientists Envision What We Might Look Like In 100,000 Years

9:28:15AM 25/06/2013
The human face, both structure and appearance, has changed and evolved since the earliest emergence of man to the present day. In a disturbing bout of speculative science, artist Nickolay Lamm has partnered with Xem Chi Tiết →

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